Nutritional Brain Defense

Defend Your Brain

Enhances Focus, Performance, & Recovery

Defend Your Brain

Next Level Nutrition Science

Defend Your Brain

Before or After Brain Trauma

Defend Your Brain

Their Last Piece of Armor

Defend Your Brain

Redefining Brain Health & Protection

4 million people suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the United States each year. WE WANT TO HELP.

Our Brain Defense packet is a ready-to-drink and doctor-formulated 6-in-1 blend of nutrition specifically designed to support brain health.  It was created by a Doctor that played football in college who was tired of ineffective and inconvenient supplements; the stirring, the mixing, and the counting pills. Instead, he created a tasty dose of optimized nutrients that you drink, with no banned substances, no caffeine, and no added sugar. Now athletes, kids, parents, and soldiers can get the nutritional defense their brains need.

  • All Natural

  • Biodegradable

  • Caffeine-Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • No Added Sugar

  • Non-GMO

What does a Neuroprotectant do?

  • Provides Building Blocks

  • Protects Your Brain

  • Increases Healing Factors

  • Strengthens Tissue

  • Stimulates Recovery

  • Defends From Trauma

  • React

    Improves: Focus. Mental clarity. Memory. Concentration. As well as physical and mental performance. 


    brain repair supplements
  • Protect

    Cover Three defends your brain and supports: Strength. Resilience. Neuroprotection.


    brain healing supplements
  • Return

    These do not define you: Brain fog. Headaches. Dizziness. Memory loss. Lack of focus. Sadness. 

    Return to play. Return to you. 

Easy and Delicious

Buying lots of vitamins and supplements can be inconvenient and expensive. Brain Defense delivers a powerful and delicious dose of brain health right to your door. No giant pills, no chalky powders, just one ounce of delicious Brain Defense in an easy-to-open, portable and biodegradable packet that you can keep in your locker, throw in your gym bag, or take on the sideline before the big game

Best Sellers

Brain Defense - Orange Slice - 30 pack Photo

Brain Defense - Orange Slice
30 Pack (1oz per packet)

78 reviews
$206.99 / $179.99
Brain Defense - Orange Slice - 6 pack Photo

Brain Defense - Orange Slice
6 Pack (1oz per packet)

78 reviews
$45.99 / $39.99
Kids Brain Boost - Orange Slice - 20 pack Photo

Kids Brain Boost - Orange Slice
20 Pack (1/3oz per packet)

60 reviews
$48.30 / $42.00

Brain Health for All


Designed for current or retired players, Brain Defense helps support the brain so you can return to play or return to you. 


Help your teens reach their full potential by giving them the nutrition they need to thrive. Brain Defense. 


Our Brain Defense formula is strong enough for warriors and protects the brain on all three levels: Physical, Mental, and Emotional.

Cover Three Success Stories

As an NHL enforcer back in the days of the NHL TOUGH guys. My job was a secret service for 18 presidents on the ice. I have many many brain issues. I have tried the product for a week and find it is helping me. Plus it’s convenient to take having all the ingredients in one package. Rather then taking 6 pills I NEVER HAD ANY LUCK WITH PILL FORM. I also grew up in the State of Hockey in Minnesota. Many former NHL players make their home here along with college players, high school players as well as women’s hockey. I will pass on my thoughts on your product. THANKS again.

The product makes you feel amazing and tastes great too. I just started taking it and I feel fantastic. Highly recommend.

As a mother of a newborn I want to make sure my baby gets the nutrients needed to grow a beautiful brain. I love this dr formulated product. Can’t leave out my boyfriend who needs it to help repair from all the fun he had before he met me!

As a mother I’m grateful for a supplement that contains no added sugar! Plus, this was created by a doctor who suffered concussions himself, and implemented a supplement that will help protect the damage of the brain from the inside thanks to research backed ingredients.