Brain Nutrition Made Easy

Optimize your brain health with our doctor formulated smoothie.

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Why Take Cover Three

Doctor Formulated

Made by a doctor to address his own family's struggle with brain health. So you know it's good.

Tasty & Liquid

No pills, powders, stirring or mixing needed. It's so tasty even picky little kids love it.

Simple & Easy

It's good at room temp, from the fridge, or the freezer. So our packets can go where you go. Luggage, gym, or classroom ready.

Unique Ingredients

Six powerful brain foods. In one convenient packet.

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The Cover Three formula does not contain all of the foods showcased; they are used to show where the ingredients are commonly found. Check our ingredients for allergy information.
Active Ingredients
  • Vitamin C
    Fosters mental balance
  • Transresveratrol
    Supports neuroprotection
  • Omega 3s
    Stimulates rebuilding
  • Choline
    Helps cognitive health
  • Uridine
    Feeds neurons
  • Curcumin
    Fights inflammation
Found In
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We believe supplementing is critical to brain health and protection

It is no coincidence that the acronym for Standard American Diet is SAD. But we understand that as a busy parent, athlete, student, or professional, it is hard to give your brain all the nutrition it needs. Taking our formula has you covered.

The neuroprotectants in Cover Three support the brain on all three levels

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Improve focus, mental clarity, memory, and concentration. Boost physical performance.
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Defend your brain. Before, during, or after the season.
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Issues do not have to define you. Regenerate from the past.
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Perform & Enjoy
Keep up your pace. Get rid of giant pills, chalky powders and sugary vitamins.
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Maximize your mental capacity so you can soak up, retain, and apply knowledge.
Redefining Brain Health & Protection
It's not a pill, not a sugary gummy, not a drink that you need to stir or refrigerate. It’s not full of sugar and small doses of frivolous ingredients. It is a ready-to-drink, doctor-formulated, 6-in-1 blend of nutrition specifically designed to support brain health.
Backed by
The US National Library of Medicine contains over 30,000 papers on the patented ingredients in Cover Three. Our doctor simplified the steps to research, acquire, and formulate them so you don’t have to. Cheers to your brain health.

Cover Three Success Stories

"The product makes you feel amazing and tastes great too. I just started taking it and I feel fantastic. Highly recommend."

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