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Kids Brain Boost

Doctor Formulated Brain Nutrition For Kids

Improved focus Improved learning Improved memory Improved mood Improved behavior
Physical. Mental. Emotional. This formula boosts a child's brain on all three levels so you can nurture your kid's brain development, focus, attention, and behavior.

We know there’s nothing more important to you than protecting your child’s brain health and developing their brain’s capacity. During childhood, the brain is building the connections they'll need to be successful adults. Nutrition is a critical part of the process. That’s why we created Kids Brain Boost for children ages 2+.

Kids Brain Boost is a doctor-formulated specifically to fill the gaps that everyday nutrition leaves open, so the child’s brain can develop into its full potential. The ingredients are known to improve kids focus and concentration, which can lead to better grades and fewer behavioral issues. And guess what? It’s so delicious they won’t even realize it’s for their health!
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Brain Supplements for Kids

Chicken fingers, pasta, and pizza are tasty, however they lack the optimal brain nutrition found in exotic foods (i.e. fish, leafy greens, fruits, etc). Our packets cost less than all those trips to the grocery store and require a lot less time to prepare.

In a perfect world your kids’ diets would provide all of the nutrition their brains need to develop. But alas, there are some picky eaters out there.

"Greens? No thank you!"

That’s where tasty brain vitamins for kids come in and bridge the gap between what they’re getting from their food and what they need.

Kids Brain Boost is that bridge. Your kids drink a tasty, mess-free smoothie and start their day off strong. Our doctor-formulated nutritional drink is touted by many parents as the best brain booster for kids!

By kids we know, it's touted as "Yummy”, or "I want another one". You don't normally hear that about food that's this good for your kid.

“We need these(Alpha GPC and DHA omegas) in our children. We need these during pregnancy. We need these before pregnancy. Moms who are breast-feeding need to be taking these nutrients. Babies need to be taking these nutrients.”

Dr. Ari Calhoun
Naturopathic Doctor

All Natural Kids Brain Boost

This formula contains brain booster vitamins and nutrients for kids that are: 

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Shhh...The Kids Won’t Know It’s Good For Them

This is the only nutritional supplement on the market that’s designed to deliver the ingredients kids need in a tasty, liquid formula. Kids Brain Boost is good for them, but it doesn’t even taste like many other healthy products. Instead, this smoothie tastes like sunshine and creamy citrus.

Even the pickiest of kids will ask for more!

Kids Brain Boost Has 6 Powerful Ingredients

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  • Transresveratrol
    Found in: Cranberries, peanuts, dark chocolate, pistachios, grapes
  • Choline
    Found in: Peanuts, liver, eggs, spinach, peas, wheat germ, legumes
  • Uridine
    Found in: Tomatoes, broccoli
  • Curcumin
    Found in: Turmeric
  • Omega 3s
    Found in: Salmon, mackerel, cod liver oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts
  • Vitamin C
    Found in: Oranges, guavas, thyme, kale, brussels sprouts, lychees, strawberries

The Best Kids Brain Nutrients in Each Packet

Curcumin | 165mg

Fights Inflammation
Each packet contains 4 teaspoons of turmeric powder worth of boost.

“The root” of our formula is something parents already love: turmeric. Did you know the essence of turmeric, curcumin, will boost the levels of the brain hormone BDNF in your child’s brain? BDNF is the growth hormone that's responsible for learning and memory.

That’s right, this powerful brain food isn’t just making your joints feel better, it’s increasing the growth of new neurons in your kid’s brain! Curcumin is one of the very best brain nutrients for kids.

With a Kids Brain Boost smoothie you can support a healthy response to inflammation in your child’s body and improve brain function.

That’s right! Our delicious smoothie can help to improve your little one’s focus, concentration, and behavior. Does it get any better than that?

Transresveratrol | 135mg

Supports Neuroprotection
Each packet contains more than 15,000 grapes worth of boost

Did you know by the time your baby is age 3 their brain has formed 1,000 trillion connections? It's the most powerful organ in their body. It’s responsible for everything that makes them incredible, including their sense of humor, compassion, and funny quirks.

Trans-resveratrol protects that vital organ and makes sure your child’s blood vessels are strong and flexible. This powerful antioxidant helps move blood safely through their body and nourishes their brain.

Research found trans-resveratrol also enhances Curcumin and DHA support in the brain.

Omega 3s | 600mg

Stimulates Building
Each packet contains half a pound of walnuts worth of boost

Omega 3s are the building blocks your child’s brain needs to develop. We know how important these fatty acids are in the quest to shape your baby’s brain so we packed our Kids Brain Boost with them — no more trying to talk up spinach and fish at the dinner table!

DHA, an omega 3, is one of the best kids brain nutrients. It’s so important baby formula is fortified with it. So why stop after they are no longer on the bottle? Their brains are still growing!

Research shows Curcumin, DHA, and transresveratrol work together in unison to improve brain function. Like you and your baby, they are better together than they are apart.

Found in: Salmon, mackerel, cod liver oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts

alpha-glycerophosphocholine | 100mg

Cognitive Health
Each packet contains about 1 egg worth of boost

Does your little one have an important test coming up? They need some choline in their life!

Kids Brain Boost choline-packed smoothie is designed to help improve your child’s focus and boost their memory.

Found in: Peanuts, liver, eggs, spinach, peas, wheat germ, legumes

Uridine | 70mg

Supports Neurons
Each packet contains 1 bushel of broccoli worth of boost

This powerful nutrient will feed the 100 billion neurons in your child’s brain, keeping those neurons firing on all cylinders.

Put the broccoli down — you may never have to try to hide it in mashed potatoes again or convince your child to "please eat the little tree." Instead, a Kids Brain Boost smoothie is an excellent alternative, full of all the uridine they need with none of the stress!

Found in: Broccoli, tomatoes

Vitamin C | 70mg

Each packet contains about 1 cup of Brussels sprouts worth of boost

Did you know that vitamin C is a high-powered antioxidant that’s critical for cognitive health? Your child’s brain gobbles up vitamin C every day to aid in the formation of blood vessels and connective tissue.

Their body uses it to protect healthy brain function and convert dopamine to serotonin which boosts their mood. What parent doesn’t want a happy kid?

It’s one of our favorite brain booster vitamins for kids!

Found in: Oranges, guavas, thyme, kale, brussels sprouts, lychees, strawberries

Take Kids Brain Boost With You Anywhere

One packet gives them the optimal doses, the optimal ingredients, and the optimal forms for better absorption in the body. Your child can take it with them wherever they go! Toss it in their backpack for an afternoon snack at school or stick it in your purse for a tasty drink while you're on the go.

You can serve it to your kid chilled when they come inside after a day of kickball and bike riding. 

You can even freeze Kids Brain Boost and serve them the healthiest dairy-free ice cream ever!

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Kids Brain Boost is Doctor-Formulated to Keep Your Child Healthy
The doctor created our formula to make sure it is the best it can be. He didn’t just formulate a smoothie that bridges the nutritional gap — he made it with ingredients that help keep the brain protected and supported. At the biochemical level, Kids’ Brain Boost TM provides the nutritional building blocks they need, increases blood flow to the brain, and enhances anti-oxidant support. As a result, they get boosted focus, mood, and immune function!
Sports Parents, We’re Talking to You Too!
Help your superstar protect their brain with Kids Brain Booster

Quick Facts

  • Emergency rooms treated over 800,000 kids in 2014
  • Between 2006 – 2014, head related visits rose an alarming 54%
  • 45% of the visits are the result of sports
  • Those kids are at higher risk of developing cognitive and emotional issues

Defend Your Child’s Brain with Kids Brain Boost

Don’t leave it to chance. Protect your child’s brain now with our doctor-formulated smoothie. Give it to the pickiest eater and watch their face light up as the flavor pleases their palate. Sleep peacefully at night knowing you’ve done everything in your power to aid in their brain health.